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​In 2 days (March 13-14), Quang Ngai Province Hospital of Maternity and Children cooperation with Healthtek Company organized a workshop "Introducing some new technologies in medicine" to guide the use of electronic medical records for the hospital.
​Chairman of the PPC has just requested the Chairmen of Distric People’s Committees and city to strengthen the management, exploitation and protection of irrigation works.
​Currently, Quang Ngai province is encouraging households, agencies and businesses to use technology of solar roof energy.
​Chairman of the provincial People's Committee has just asked the Department of Natural Resources and Environment to coordinate with the Departments of Industry and Trade, Agriculture and Rural Development, People's Committees of districts, city and related units to:
​To help people in Bui Hui village of Ba Trang commune, Ba To mountainous district have electricity to light up and use in daily activities, Khanh Gia Tourism Service JSC, Tuan Minh Sport and Tourism Co., Ltd. and Vu Phong Co. have just cooperated to donate solar energy equipment to people in Bui Hui.
​Last weekend on March 08, in Ly Son island district, the event of picking up trash at the beach was taken place on the occasion of Global Trash-packer 2018.
​The Chairman of the PPC has just agreed in principle on establishing a Center for technical training on transport and testing road motor vehicles of type 1 on the basis of arranging and upgrading the  Quang Ngai Transport and Technical Training Center.
​The Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee has just issued a document to assign the Department of Finance to chair and coordinate with the Department of Industry and Trade, Quang Ngai Electricity Company and relevant agencies to study and guide agencies, units and organizations, individuals in the province coordinated to implement the unused cash payment at the request of Vietnam Electricity Group in Official Letter No. 704 / EVN-KD dated February 14, 2019.
​Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee has just signed a decision to promulgate the Planning of Archives of Quang Ngai Province until 2025, a vision to 2030.
​The Chairman of the PPC has just approved the outline of the task and cost estimate for the project of researching and evaluating the impact of the hydropower reservoir system in Tra Khuc river basin, with a total cost of nearly 5 billion VND. 

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