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Quang Ngai province has 6 mountainous districts including Tra Bong, Tay Tra, Son Ha, Son Tay, Minh Long, and Ba To.


Quang Ngai is one of the provinces with high mountainous forests. The mountainous area covers an area of ​​391,192ha, accounting for 2/3 of the land area in the province. 


In the north-west and south-west of Tra Khuc River, the mountain masses have the highest surface of 1,000-1,500m, such as Cà Đam Mountain 1,413m high, Đá Vách Mountain 1,115m high, U Bò Mountain 1,100m high, Cao Muôn Mountain 1,085m high. 


In the lower part, the mountain is usually 400-600m high, while in the delta area, the mountain is only 200 - 300m high.


Apart from the mountainous areas mentioned above, the lowland districts everywhere have different high and low mountains. 


This terrain is composed of metamorphic rocks, magma, eruptions with lithological composition and age differences; sloping and vegetation cover is quite diversified.


Quang Ngai forest is a rich resource of forest products with many kinds of precious wood. 


Besides, Quang Ngai forest also has many kinds of medicinal plants.


Cinnamon is a famous specialty with large area.


The Quang Ngai Forest is home to many species of mammals, hundreds of precious bird species and a place to store mineral resources.


On the other hand, the mountainous areas of Quang Ngai also have tourist destinations and resorts such as Thien An mountain, stream Mo, Mount Thinh, Ho Chiem mountain, Phu Tho mountain ... year attract many visitors to the scene.


Sourced: Quang Ngai Online Geography Book​